Midnight Door is a project of Luke Janela. It's a place for a harder, darker sound and general experimentation, started in 2005 ish, combining cello with effects and beats and having no general motif, rule or set influence for songs and albums. 

HALF MOON is a result of live performances: beats triggered and improvisable by a foot controller, non-standard cello and sometimes vocals swarming together in big swaths of effects and ambience. 

HALF MOON is heavily influenced by hard electronic music, tinged with classical music, grunged and distinct. 

Download 320kbps mp3s and wavs via dropbox or via google drive

Listen via soundcloud here

  1. MOOOOOOON Midnight Door 6:10
  2. The Way To Praise Midnight Door 6:18
  3. A Satisfied Mind Midnight Door 4:54
  4. Islands And Tides Midnight Door 6:26
  5. The New Radness Midnight Door 5:51
  6. Seriously Midnight Door 6:11